HOME Theatre Manchester

23.01.2017 – 25.01.2017

George/Greg/Geoff is busy preparing dinner for his boss/friend/fling/nemesis/co-worker with the help of his devoted and self-deprecating wife/partner/girlfriend/divorcee Suzan/Sophie/Sarah. Tonight, chicken/turkey/pizza is being served/microwaved/roasted and truths/lies/irrelevant details/riots are to be uncovered/suppressed/encouraged in the search for just exactly how this (man) and/or (woman) first met.

A fiery and insulting production from Manchester’s 1121 Collective,You/Me/Tomorrow looks at how facts and fictions are intertwined when a decade long riot starts to encroach into the living room.

Written by Oliver Walton

Directed by Antony Steel


Steph Reynolds

George Miaris

Kris Overend

Emma Young